Anticipating Midnights’s release

Picture of Taylor Swift’s Midnights Moonstone Blue Edition album cover found at her website:

Picture of Taylor Swift’s Midnights Moonstone Blue Edition album cover found at her website:

Lia Koski, Reporter

  “People haven’t always been there for me but music always has,” singer and songwriter Taylor Swift once said. Taylor Swift continues to express her love for music by releasing songs that cover all aspects of life, love, and heartbreak. On Oct. 21, 2022, she released her tenth album, Midnights!

  Over the years, Swift’s music has grasped hold of millions of fans, people from all over and of all ages. Many of her fans are jumping out of their seats waiting for Midnights to be released. For instance, students at Mundelein High School like Addison Koenigsknecht, Nadia Emso, and Tori Weaver are especially excited to hear her new music. 

  Sophomore Addison Koenigsknecht identifies as a “certified Swiftie,” meaning that she is a huge fan of Swift’s. Koenigsknecht told how she has listened to Taylor Swift her whole life. Seniors Nadia Emso and Tori Weaver also describe themselves as big Taylor Swift fans. 

  “I’ve been listening to her music for as long as I can remember. She really doesn’t have a bad album, and her music always hits no matter the occasion,” Weaver said. 

  Even with their shared bond over Swift’s music, these students share different views on their favorite albums of hers. 

  “Folklore is my favorite because I relate to it the most. It’s very mellow and chill,” Koenigsknecht said. Emso also likes Folklore, one of Swift’s more recent albums. 

  Meanwhile, Weaver described, “It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite, but I think I have to go with Reputation just because I know the words to every single song in that album, and it was also the best concert I’ve been to.”

  When debating Taylor Swift’s overall career, all students agreed that it has been insanely successful, and even inspiring. Emso stated, “Taylor Swift has won numerous awards and has been recognized for her songwriting. She’s a great role model and shows how much growth you can go through.”

  Midnights created a buzz even before it was released. Many fans of hers were shocked to hear about the new album, considering she just produced two albums in 2020. Koenigsknecht was surprised to hear that the album will be more of a pop style of music since Swift has recently taken a more alternative/indie approach to her latest songs. 

  Additionally, Emso and Weaver both agreed that they were shocked by the release of Midnights because they thought that Swift was still in the process of re-recording her other albums rather than coming out with a new one. 

  “I think this album will be a bit different, as each song is telling a story about a sleepless night she had. The songs will probably be more meaningful. I am most excited for ‘Snow on the Beach,’ as she is partnering with Lana Del Ray, another one of my favorite artists,” Weaver said. 

  Taylor Swift has been an impactful music artist ever since she started her career. Her songs bond people, with lyrics that bring tears to the eyes, and melodies that are truly majestical. 

  The students feel this same feeling of love for Swift’s music. I like listening to Taylor Swift because she has songs from different genres and moods. You can always find a song to listen to no matter how you feel,” Emso stated. 

  This love only furthered the support for the arrival of Midnights. “In a way, it sort of feels like I’ve grown up with her, and I can’t wait to hear the new music she has coming out next,” Weaver said. 

  Finally on Oct. 21, 2022, Swift released Midnights at 11 p.m or 12 a.m, Eastern Time. Koenigsknecht eagerly stayed up all night to listen to the new songs on the album. After listening to all of the songs multiple times, she was able to gather her opinions in a review. 

  Koenigsknecht included that her level of excitement was not justified with the album because “A lot of her songs resembled some of her already previous songs. They had good intentions but were not as original as [she] hoped they would be.”

  Koenigsknecht’s review was also impacted by her personal musical preferences. For instance, most of the songs on Midnights are pop songs, but for Koenigsknecht, “it’s much easier for me to like the slower songs,” she said. 

  Nonetheless, Taylor Swift fans are happy with the release of any new music by the artist. Koenigsknecht’s favorite songs are “You’re On Your Own, Kid” and “Maroon.”