Senior student-athletes sign to continue sports career

Hadyn Nuttall, Sports/Entertainment Editor

  As seniors plan for their future beyond MHS, senior student-athletes must decide whether they want to continue playing their sport at a higher level. For the past six years anywhere from 10 to 30 senior athletes have committed to continuing their athletic career at a higher level each year.

  This year, two MHS baseball players, Ryan Geraghty and Bennett Musser, recently committed on November 9, 2022, to play at Wichita State and Valparaiso University, respectively. 

  “I’ve basically just worked my whole life toward that so it felt really good to be able to say I was playing Division One,” said Geraghty. 

  Bennett Musser described the feeling of being signed as “a relief” that his hard work was worthwhile.

  To get to this point Geraghty has worked out, practiced and watched film every day to stay in shape and improve his game. 

  “It takes a lot but it’s all worth it in the end,” said Geraghty. 

  Musser agrees that it takes “being consistent with the hard work” to get where he is today.

  What drives Geraghty is his love for the sport. He loves working and competing with his teammates as well as the joy that baseball brings him. 

  “[I can’t] repeat the feeling that I feel on the field. It’s something that I can’t get anywhere else,” Geraghty said. 

  Like many seniors, Geraghty is looking ahead and is excited for what is to come.

  Geraghty said through all of this he’s most excited for, “the future.”

  “I want to see how far this game takes me. I feel like I’ve kind of been given this talent, I work really hard at it. I don’t see a reason to stop any time soon,” he explained.

  Mundelein encourages all of their athletes to consider continuing on to the next level if that’s right for them.

  “Being part of a sport or a program can actually guide you to a positive place in life,” said Troy Parola, athletic director at MHS. “We encourage student-athletes if that’s your dream, go and do it and it may open doors that you may not have open to you.” 

  Geraghty and Musser are the first of what will likely be many other athlete commitments this year. For most other athletes their signing date is in April and they too have worked hard to join these college teams. 

  Parola encourages all who want to continue with athletics to do so, “If somebody wants to participate, there is a place for you.”