Nanotechnology and Research is not a class to be skipped

Hadyn Nuttall, Sports/Entertainment Editor

  As students have been selecting their courses for next year I believe students should consider taking Nanotechnology and Research. It was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.

  Nanotechnology and Research, or Nanotech, is a research-driven, hands-on science class open to juniors and seniors at MHS. 

  In the first semester, Nanotech explores biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science at the scale of a nanometer which is a billionth of a meter. Students learn that at an extremely small scale certain rules of science work differently than they do at a larger scale. 

  In the second-semester students design and conduct their own research project on anything from cellular biology, to devising an alternative for sugar, to testing how changes in soil impact plant growth. 

  That’s the beauty of this class. Students can research anything. Whatever interests them is fair game. In Nanotech, students have the opportunity to explore topics that excite them. These topics are frequently ones that other science classes are unable to dive into fully due to content or time limitations. Nanotech allows students to dedicate more time to scientific topics that excite them with the resources MHS offers including wonderful teachers and a state-of-the-art STEM lab. It’s an incredible learning opportunity for students to spend their time learning something that gets them excited for science.

  Nanotech is an excellent class because it is incredibly hands-on. Students conduct labs almost daily and are given the room to come to their own conclusions and fully immerse themselves in the material. 

  I thoroughly enjoyed Nanotech because it was so active and I was given the room to try things and learn for myself while focusing on topics that I found exciting. Anyone and everyone who has space in their schedule should take this class.