Put some effort into Theme Thursday

William Fisher, Online Editor-In-Chief

  Every Thursday, there is a Theme Thursday, whether that be pizza day, black-out day, etc., and every Thursday almost no one participates, why?

  The answer is that students never hear what the theme is, don’t have anything to wear that fits the theme, forget what it is in their hectic morning, don’t think the miniscule chance of getting a prize is worth the effort, and/or the biggest, no one else is doing it.

  While some of these problems aren’t the students fault, they may be in rooms where the announcements are hard to hear, sometimes the chosen theme isn’t something many may have, they may not follow MHS on Instagram to see the announcement, and it is unlikely that Mr. Buck will visit their room, much less that they are the name chosen for a chance at a prize. 

  However, for the many students that do know what the theme is, and have clothes to wear for the theme if they get creative, their reason for not participating is merely lack of motivation

  This motivation to participate in Theme Thursday should not be that they could win a prize, but rather to demonstrate school spirit and unity. 

  If you’ve ever been to a Friday night football game at MHS, you know that nearly everyone there participates in the theme, creating a wave of pink or black. They aren’t doing this for a cash prize, no, they’re doing it because everyone else at the game is doing it.

  This is the sort of unity and school spirit we need to see in Theme Thursday. The school should be engulfed in a color or theme. 

  On the Friday Focus Mr. Buck should walk into a classroom and everyone in there is joined in the theme. During the passing periods the hallways should be full of a blinding neon green blob, everyone in the school joined in showing our love for this great school.

  So when next week’s theme is announced, take a few minutes to check your wardrobe and find something which fits the theme, or if you don’t have something, get creative, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Start talking to your friends to drum up excitement and hype. Share MHS’s Theme Thursday announcement post on your own social media. 

  Do all this and more so that next Thursday the school will be enveloped in a sea of students participating in Theme Thursday. Let’s see MHS overtaken in school spirit and unity.