Sound, Noise win Fort Atkinson competition, first time in 10 years


Photo by Jennifer Lacroix

Seniors Hadyn Nuttall, Eva Pechtl, and Will Gonzalez during Final Awards accept Sound’s trophies for Best Vocals, Best Choreography, and Grand Champions.

Kayla Baltazar, News-Features/Opinion Editor

  For their second competition of the year following the success of the Burlington competition, Sound and Noise emerged as back to back winners. Show Choir has been going to the competition at Fort Atkinson for years now, and this year marks the first time they won at that competition in 10 years.

  Sound walked away with a first place trophy, as well as awards for best vocals, best choreography, and best bass soloist for Senior William Gonzalez. 

  “We won 1st place, grand champs, which was really amazing since our group hasn’t won that competition in over 10 years so it was pretty significant for all of us,” said Andy Lacroix, senior. “The highlights of these comps are always getting to watch our other group, reverb, perform and being able to support them.”

  Along with Sound, Noise had reason for celebration as well: they had won best band. Sophomore Mariana Van Eycke notes how hard the entire band had worked to ensure the performance at the Fort Atkinson competition was their best.

  “The Fort Atkinson competition went very well for us as a band,” Van Eyke said. “The highlight was definitely when Noise won the best Combo award out of all the bands that performed in our division. We had all worked hard to make our performance the best it could have been, and to see that hard work pay off was just a great experience for us.”

  Moving forward, Sound hopes to continue working hard to improve their set list for future competitions. After Fort Atkinson, they have two more left.

  “We are planning to continue running the show during rehearsal and just dig in on little things so we can perfect them,” said Sophomore Sam Zwiefelhofer. “We are going to continue coming in the competition with confidence and being proud of who we are. We are going to continue to dance and sing hard and leave it all on the stage. Obviously it would be great if we could continue to win but our main goal is to perfect our show and do it the best that we can, and of course have fun.”

  After the success of Fort Atkinson, Sound and Noise can safely say they’re very proud of themselves for all the hard work they have been putting forward, and how it’s all paying off.

  “One of our songs is called ‘Let Me Make You Proud’ and all week Tommie [Choral Director Cory Thompson] had been talking about how we could win if we perform our best,” Zwiefelhofer said. “So I was motivated to make her proud.”