Rehm, Ede compete at girls varsity gymnastics state


Photo Submitted by Isla Rehm

Sophomore Isla Rehm and Freshman Lexie Ede at the IHSA girls gymnastics state finals in Palatine on Feb. 17.“Ending up at event finals and finishing 8th in the state on beam was a great way to end my sophomore season,” Rehm said. “Having the rest of our team come and support us was amazing”

Kayla Baltazar, News-Features/Opinion Editor

  This year, two of MHS’ girls varsity gymnastics members qualified for the state competition. After continuing to push through mental blocks and injuries, Sophomore Isla Rehm and Freshman Lexie Ede went to the IHSA state competition on February 17th in Palatine.

  “Isla Rehm made it to state on beam and then qualified to state finals and was 8th in state on beam. Isla was made for the beam. She is so solid and confident when she’s up there,” said Wellness Teacher and Head Girls Gymnastics Coach Bridget Erickson. Lexie Ede qualified on bars to state and scored a 9.15 and was 12th in state. Lexie’s long lines and great skills helped her get to the state meet.”

  Both Rehm and Ede note that one thing that was really appreciated from their team was the fact that they all went out to support them despite not competing. 

  “Even when you’re out on the floor by yourself it’s nice to have the support of your team to cheer you on and lift you up,” said Ede.

  Before state, practices consisted of a lot of encouragement from other teammates. They helped push and motivate Rehm and Ede to do their best. Even the MHS basketball team would come in to help them prepare for the pressure of state.

  “The girls were motivated and pushing themselves. They all were looking forward to the chance all year and they knew it would take hard work,” said Erickson. “We kept practicing and doing their routines to be ready to hit them under pressure. The basketball team helped us out and came and watched some routines to put some extra pressure on the girls to get them ready.”

  At state itself, not only were they successful at the meet, they had a wonderful time together competing, and spending more time with the team.

  “State was a lot of fun. Being in a sport where, even though you are competing against others, we all cheer for each other and tell each other good job,” said Rehm. “I am most proud of making it to [the] event finals on day two and being able to represent my team and school at the last competition of the high school season.”

  Overall, state was a huge success for the gymnasts.

  “State was an incredible experience. I’m lucky to have experienced it as a freshman,” Ede said. “I’m most proud of myself for going out and not only hitting my routine but having done one of my best routines this season in a situation when I was under a lot of pressure.”