Boys Tennis revs up for season with enlarged team

William Fisher, Online Editor-In-Chief

  With warm weather and spring finally upon us, that means the start of Boys Tennis, which has grown from 24 players last year to 39 this year, with a large number of first year players.

  “I play tennis because it’s a game with simple rules that you’re able to compete at at a high level. There isn’t anything inherently confusing about tennis, but it allows for a great deal of complexity in play. I especially enjoy playing doubles and the unique strategies that come along with it,” said Junior Kurt Dumblauskas, who plays on the Varsity level.

  Dumblauskas continued, “As far as playing Tennis at Mundelein I love it because it builds a strong sense of camaraderie with teammates. We go on many overnight trips and that sort of bonding is able to build really strong connections between us.”

  Greg Cohen, Boys Varsity Tennis Coach explained the team’s objectives for the year,”Our goals are to improve personally and as a team. Our goals are to create lifetime memories for our players. Our goal is to become more competitive with the great teams and to play our best tennis in early May.”

  Dumblauskas added that the team hopes to beat either Warren or Libertyville this year and stated that he wants to improve his “confidence of play. I want to be able to play like I know I can and go for the correct shots even when they might be harder to execute.”

  Cohen explained his focus during practice,”We want our singles players to become more consistent. We want our doubles players to be more aggressive. We want to compete and to have fun each day.”

  Dumblauskas is ready for a busy season, “Every single Saturday we have some sort of meet or invite to play at as well as many sprinkled in throughout the week. But probably our biggest competition will be when we compete at sectionals to try and get a position at state.”

   However the athletes have not just been practicing in the Spring. “The players worked really hard in the summer. They have improved their games dramatically. I hope that shows in the match play this spring. This season is as exciting as I can remember from my previous 39 years coaching high school tennis.” explained Cohen. 

  Cohen further elaborated on his own history with Tennis, “Tennis is a Lifetime sport. Not only can it be played when you are older but you only need one other person (or maybe three) to go out and play tennis. I grew up playing all sports but excelled in tennis. My doubles partner and I finished top 16 in state in 1981.”

  Cohen coaches a variety of sports at MHS. He explained his experience, “I am really happy to have this chance to work with the players and students at Mundelein. I have enjoyed the players that I have worked with in tennis and for the last two seasons coaching basketball. There are some great students/athletes at this school. I hope we can continue to grow and to create a program that they will be proud of.”