Seniors Show Off on Decision Day


Alex Heraty

A map showing where four of MHS’s students plan to go and pursue future plans.

Alex Heraty, Staff Reporter

As seniors started to wrap-up their high school careers, they took time to show off what their life after high school will look like.

On Monday, May 1, seniors planning on going to college celebrated their final decisions on where they will be going to school at the first-ever Decision Day celebration in the Mundelein Room during homeroom.

The event, where students could take pictures, enjoy Dunkin Donuts and win raffle prizes using the hashtag #MundyDecision17, was organized by the College Ambassadors, which is made up of a group of seniors who work to promote college to the student body.

“We met up every Monday during homeroom, mapped everything out and delegated responsibilities,” said Rachel Hansen, a senior college ambassador.

Hansen worked through the event’s details with fellow College Ambassador Jake Antenore, senior.

“I think it was a really cool idea and experience for the seniors,” said Antenore.

College Counselor Andrea Rusk said that university representatives donated water bottles, coffee mugs, scarfs and other items with their college’s logos displayed on them. There was also a poster for seniors to sign their names.

“A lot of students put the name of the school they’re going to, but the event was for everyone,” noted Rusk.

Seniors planning on entering the workforce or joining the military were also encouraged to celebrate their decisions.

“Seniors are making the decision to go to a four-year school, a two-year school, an apprenticeship, the workplace, so any student could celebrate their decision in that space,” said Rusk.

Senior Jack Olorvida will be attending the University of Alabama and went to the celebration to represent his future school with all his friends.

“It was a bit crowded in the room, but it was pretty cool to see how many different places everyone is going to next year,” said Olorvida.

Next year, a new team of College Ambassadors will be tasked with organizing this celebration, and Antenore hopes to see it held in a larger space to accommodate all the interest.

But overall, the event was met with positive reviews.

“The energy was high,” said Rusk, “but the room was full.”