Valentine’s Day: a solution to the sadness


Photo courtesy of Lia Koski

The pie chart from the student survey titled, “Valentine’s Day Article.”

Lia Koski, Staff Reporter

  Red hearts plastered everywhere in sight. Couples that look longingly into one another’s eyes. Fluffy teddy bears that hold a sign saying “I love you.” All of these things are associated with Valentine’s Day, but so is eating a pint of ice cream alone in a room, scrolling through Instagram to pass the time, and laying on a pillow wet from tears. Valentine’s Day is great for some and miserable for most. That is why Valentine’s Day needs to be a day that is celebrated for all people regardless of their relationship status.

  Many students at Mundelein High School reported feeling lonely because they did not have a significant other to spend the holiday with. 

  In a school-wide survey, one student stated, “I think it’s just another day since I don’t have a boyfriend.” 

  While some students felt like they needed a significant other to enjoy Valentine’s Day, many did not. 

  In the survey, with 93 responses, 75.3 percent of the students said that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated with anyone, and only 10.8 percent of people said that it should solely be celebrated with significant others. 

  Another student said, “I think Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by appreciating the ones you love, whether that’s platonically or romantically. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be celebrated by couples, and I think people should view it more as a holiday of cherishing the ones close to you.”

  Many students also brought up the idea of spending Valentine’s Day with friends and family. Some even mentioned “Galentine’s Day,” a day to spend with one’s “gal-pals.” Another student suggested that “friends give each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. It’s a way to show your love and care about people in your life.”

  For other students, Valentine’s Day is not just about showing love for people but also showing love for food. One student said that the holiday “should be about candy, because honestly everyone else is either just in a relationship or they’re sad about being single, but everyone likes candy.”

  Valentine’s Day is a holiday that needs to be reimagined so that it includes all people! When asked if the holiday was overrated or underrated, 76.3 percent of all 93 student responses said it was overrated, and 23.7 percent of students said that it was underrated. So when this year’s Valentine’s Day rolls around, maybe rethink eating that pint of ice cream and that sad Spotify playlist and instead let those you care about know how much they mean to you.