Successful Future Close by for MHS Boys Lacrosse


Tyler Yakimisky, Staff Reporter

As many fans are aware, the boys lacrosse team has struggled in recent years with several losing seasons for the varsity team.

Their struggles have stemmed from a lack of awareness about the sport among some players and from the lack of numbers. However, after hiring a new coach during the offseason, Jared Marek, the whole program hopes for success after learning about his background and experience as a coach.

Marek has had previous high school level coaching experience as he coached JV Prairie Ridge for two years. Prairie Ridge is ranked as the number one lacrosse team in northwest Illinois, according to the Northwest Herald.

Marek also helps coach the Rebels travel lacrosse team and has begun his first MHS season with a positive attitude.

“I believe that after our first week of games that we have a bright future ahead of us, and we are all on the path to success in terms of improvements in our overall program as well as individual skills/character,” said Marek in an e-mail.

After the first week of games, MHS began the season with a record of 1-1, as they beat Deerfield High School 8-7 but lost to Lake Forest High School 14-4.

Lake Forest finished 17-5 last season and are usually top competitors in the conference. While Deerfield has its struggles, the team has beaten some top teams in the area, so many consider that win for MHS well-earned.  The win also provided the team with energy since it was their first game of the season.

Marek also said that he thinks this success will continue over the years, as the program makes more of an effort to build a connection with the youth lacrosse programs in the area.

“As the new head coach, I am looking to reach out to the younger feeder programs in the area. I am aiming for the youth Stallion Lacrosse Program and the high school program to have increased communication and cooperation going forward,” Marek said.

Although Marek has future plans for the program, his focus has been concentrated on making this season a success, which the players have noticed.

“In the past few years, I think that the amount of success has been based on the leadership within the program and the level of intensity and knowledge with all the players. This year, I would have to say is the best year in terms of leadership and intensity in my high school lacrosse experience,” Joseph Kreis, junior and attacker for Varsity, said in an e-mail.

Kreis also hopes to mirror what premier lacrosse teams do with MHS’s team.

“Premier lacrosse teams, wherever you look, will always have a few things in common that shape the team as a whole: chemistry, knowledge and an overall love of the game. A team in which the athletes on it are each other’s best friends off the field will always see more success on the field,” said Kreis.

Kreis said this year’s team is developing these components. The players are successful, Kreis said, because of their passion for the game, their knowledge and their chemistry.

Kreis also hopes to spice up the team this year by taking these aspects of a great team to the next level by applying them to every game and every practice instead of it just being tips that the players keep in the back of their minds but don’t always put to practice in their actions.

Kreis also added the season shows promising signs of success because the players have a strong desire to win, which is shown in the team’s hard work and dedication at practices and games. As a result, Kreis would like to see a run for the playoffs.

In fact, this would be the third year they’ve made it to the playoffs.

Charles Cranford, senior, said the reason for an unsuccessful past for MHS lacrosse is due to some of the same things said by Kreis about chemistry, knowledge and passion, but he also believes communication is a big part of lacrosse that makes a team successful or not.

“Communication is the one thing that is a downfall in all aspects of our play, and those premier lacrosse teams are talking every second of every game,” said Cranford in an e-mail.

Verbally communicating throughout the game, during timeouts or breaks in play, and even in practice will translate to more communication throughout the games.

Many of the MHS players say that chemistry can be practiced in practice through various team-building activities or high-pressure situations, and then they can translate what they worked on into games, which will result in more wins and an extremely successful season.

“Knowledge is always important however you look at something,” said Kreis. “If the players do not respect and love the game, then there will be no success because there will be no drive to improve, learn, have fun and ultimately win.”