Boys Tennis Team Prepares for Season on New Courts


Varsity boys tennis team photo courtesy of VIP.

Alex Heraty, Staff Reporter

The boys tennis team is set to use the newly renovated tennis courts for the first time this spring after having to use other area tennis courts last season for practice and matches. The team has a new sense of optimism as it prepares to regain the benefits of a home court advantage.

“This season will be different in that we have courts that are playable this year, which will make for less traveling, and now we will have home court advantage from time to time,” said Shelley Majewski, boys tennis coach.

Prior to the renovations, the tennis courts were in poor condition, leaving players to avoid cracks in the ground while playing.

“With the new court renovations, I hope this would make practice more enjoyable not having to worry about the countless cracks that [the players] could trip over,” said Junior Christine So, boys tennis manager.

Not only were the previous courts a safety hazard, but some of the players saw the court conditions as embarrassing when visiting teams played at MHS.

But while the courts were being renovated, the MHS tennis teams were forced to play all their matches on their opponent’s courts, leaving MHS without a home court advantage.

“The court renovations will be a major step up as we’ll be able to play more matches on our own courts instead of taking the varsity and JV teams to the opposing team’s courts,” said tennis player Dustin Clegg, senior.

While the new tennis courts will help players by adding a home court advantage and eliminating safety hazards, Majewski hopes the renovations will bring other benefits to the team.

“I think the excitement of having the new courts will just improve the mental side of the game, and a positive attitude always makes one play better and have more fun,” said Majewski.

A positive attitude is what is expected to drive the team forward, and as team members work on conditioning, the optimism continues to shape the mental side of the game.

“I think we’ll have a solid and tight-knit team,” said Clegg. “Everyone supports each other.”