A successful season

Hannah Roberts, Reporter

   Mundelein High School has a wide variety of sports all throughout the year. One of those included sports includes golf. This season the boy’s golf team had great success. 

   The team’s main goals for the season included beating as many schools as possible in their conference to set up for a successful post-season. They also hoped to advance to regionals, sectionals, and state whether it be by team or individual.

   As the season went on and the team played more these goals and hopes came into play and throughout the season they had lots of success in competition. 

   These achievements include going undefeated for almost the entirety of the regular season and many high placements at their matches and tournaments. At the Mia Gordon Memorial, the team placed 3rd. They placed 5th at the County Invite. They placed 2nd at the Huntley and Roger Alm Invites. Along with all of these they won at the Lee Oler invite. 

  There was much success for boy’s golf as a team this season but certain individuals also placed very well at some events. At the Roger Alm  Matthew Kisselburg and Brandon Hinkle tied for 8th. Matthew Kisselburg was the second-place medalist at the Lee Oler Invite. Miles Begg placed first at the same invite. 

   The team had a very successful regular season and hoped to continue that success in regionals and had hoped to have members qualify for both sectionals and state. 

   After regionals, four members of the team qualified for sectionals and although they had accomplished great success all season no members qualified for nationals.

  Of course, with any sport, it’s not all about how well you play. It’s mental also. A team with members that support each other will always have great success. Brown believes that the team does a great job at doing exactly that and that it is a constant culture of positivity. 

   “Golf is largely a mental game and having guys there to pick you up after a bad hole, round, or even few rounds allowed our team to successfully keep moving forward.” 

   Team support is great but a team’s most needed member is a coach. Todd Parola is the coach for the boy’s golf team and has always been a great coach to the team. Brown and the other team members all believe that Parola helped them immensely in such a positive way. 

   “He also rides around and observes us while we are practicing and competing, taking note of what things each individual player can improve upon from a non-technical standpoint.”

  For any team the players and the coaches are important. Each member has something to contribute and this season all the members did just that. The team had incredible success throughout the season.