Tune in to Students Favorite Youtube Channels


Senior Larissa Brown, junior Delaney Appelhans and sophomore Gigi Scibetta being featured in one of BHTV’s videos.

Because times are changing, students are enjoying more than just their TVs at home. They are branching out to also watch YouTube, an Internet site that allows users to upload their own videos and to create their own channels. Some people have gained fame from the videos they produce, and MHS students share their favorite YouTube channels.

Miranda Sings: Miranda Sings is an Internet comedian. “Miranda Sings is my favorite YouTube channel because she’s funny and has a lot of good jokes. Her face and makeup are funny, and I like her voice,” said Julia Loverde, junior. Emily Ollendick, junior, enjoys watching her for the laughs with her friends. She said, “My friend and I have inside jokes based on the things she has said, which is kind of funny.” Ollendick also likes her lipstick, which Miranda puts all over her lips to make them look bigger.

Connor Franta: Connor Franta is a vlogger on the web and is a comedian who creates his own YouTube videos. Tara Martin, freshman, said, “He always makes me laugh.”

Ball is Life: Ball is Life is a YouTube channel that shows basketball plays around the United States in a lower-intensity game situation. Justin Lawrence, junior, said, “I get to watch high school players become famous. It’s amazing seeing people who were nobodies become somebodies.” Nick Stricker, junior, also said this was his favorite YouTube channel. “It reminds me of myself when I used to play basketball freshman year.”

BlackHawks Channel: BHTV (Blackhawks Television) includes highlights and clips from the Blackhawks games and gives player profiles within the videos as well. Terri Doby, sophomore, said, “I’m a big fan of the Blackhawks, and I [was] so excited for pre-season and to watch the pre-season games.”

Nail Decor: Nail Decor shows interesting ways to paint nails for beginners and for experts. Emily Ollendick, junior, said, “I love watching Nail Decor because I watch them when I’m bored, and it passes the time, [and] I love doing my nails maybe every other day, so the videos give me good ideas and techniques.” This channel also shows you how to take care of one’s nails.

Makeup by Mandy: Makeup by Mandy provides demonstrations of how to do one’s makeup as well as how to blend different colors whether it is for the lips or eyes. “I can take ideas from her and use them on myself,” said Freshman Aliyah Israel.

Vanossgaming: Vanossgaming offers videos created through the eyes of players with voiceovers of what is being done. Kylie Haltom, freshman, said, “I enjoy playing GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto 5), so I like watching other people play it, too.”

   MLB Highlights: MLB Highlights shows clips or highlights of MLB games that are either really good or really bad. Jeff Morton, sophomore, said, “It inspires me to make cool plays during my games.”

Super Woman: Super Woman has a vlog about her experiences in life and her travels, which can also make the viewer laugh. Crystal Arroyo, senior, said, “Even though I haven’t watched her in a while, she is really funny and outgoing. This kind of reminds me of myself.”