Too Faced review

Gianna Scibetta, Editor-in-Chief


Too Faced Cosmetics recently launched their springtime Limited Edition Sweet Peach palette on March 17, and many across the globe want a piece.

The eyeshadows sold out on multiple makeup websites within the day of releasing; and it’s nearly impossible to walk into any local Too Faced retailers and grab one. Macy’s, Sephora, Ulta, HSN and Beauty Brands are constantly waiting for weeks to get their next shipment. And recently Too Faced announced on their Instagram that they would not be restocking on their website.

U.S. makeup lovers are running out of chances to grab this palette whereas international buyers are still waiting to see this craze.

New palettes are constantly being released, but not as many get this much hype across the makeup community. It takes a very special brand to get this kind of press over a new release.

Too Faced is not the ordinary slick, professional makeup artist brand. Their quirky named items, such as the “Ross and Rachel” blush and bronzer duo, or their “Born this Way” foundation that specializes in making you have that “no makeup, makeup look” separates them from the boring companies.

The brand makes doing and owning makeup fun, whereas other companies seem to forget that not all of their customers are professionals.

“I don’t ever use them in my kit, but I think they are good,” said Antonella Annibale, a California professional makeup artist.

There is one last characteristic that Too Faced adds into their bronzer and now eyeshadows that sets the products apart– a scent.

Their other popular eyeshadow palettes, such as their Chocolate Eyes and Semi-Sweet Chocolate eyeshadow, all come with an antioxidant-infused scent. They also have chocolate bronzers, all made with a real cocoa palette.

But some users have become nose-blind to the chocolate scent and are waiting to see what Too Faced can do next.

Before the Peach palette hit shelves, they released their nine eyeshadow palette called “Peanut Butter and Jelly”, which had sweet scents like a grape jelly and peanut butter.

Chocolate was very popular among many makeup users, but the sandwich scents weren’t as appreciated.

“I have the Chocolate Bar palettes, and when I think about the Peanut Butter and Jelly palettes, well, I wouldn’t want to smell like a sandwich,” said Claire Bullington, junior.

Too much scent or even odd scents can be a hit or miss for certain people, so it must be very hard for Too Faced to come out with new palettes that can set them apart from others.

I was able to get my hands on the newest eyeshadow palette from Too Faced, the Sweet Peach palette. The colors were very unusual for me to purchase, but I was unable to pass up the opportunity of getting a Limited Edition palette.

Normally I tend to buy Urban Decay or MAC eyeshadows, and before purchasing the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, I bought one of their Natural Eyes Matte nine eyeshadows, and they did not work for me. It was a bit scary when using the new palette.

The first trait that stood out to me was the pigmentation, which was incredible. The color pay off came on in one swipe to my eyelid; eye shadows can lack this important feature.

Another factor that I saw was how easy the colors are to blend, which allows for a seamless look. The colors complement each other once blended.  My favorite colors in the palette are “Bellini” and “Luscious” because the shimmer and the way it picks up the light is beautiful.

The Sweet Peach palette will be my go-to spring and summer palette. The colors are very bright and something that will work with the change to colorful outfits. The shimmery pinks and golds will be the best accent to a summer tan.

The Sweet Peach palette is a good palette to have on hand but not a necessity. If you are a large make-up collector, then having this in your collection might be exciting, like it was to me, but if you choose to do makeup once in a while, I recommend spending money on the “Chocolate Bar” palette or the “Natural Eyes”; those would give you the most use for your money.

The price of these palettes are not significantly different from other brands. The nine shadow palettes from Too Faced are $36, and their 16 shadow or 18 shadow palettes are $49. Similar palettes, such as Urban Decay’s Naked line, include 12 eyeshadows for $54. Maybe reaching for the Too Faced eyeshadows will give you more bang for your buck.

Although this palette is enjoyable to use and have on hand, I would only recommend the sweet-smelling Sweet Peach palette to make up lovers, but I will say, everyone needs a special palette to glam up a bit.