Alternative Songs Offer New Listening Perspective


Stefani Zeiger, Online Editor-in-Chief

Alternative bands have slowly become more popular and continue to gain recognition. While there are a few mainstream songs on this playlist, most of the tracks are from lesser-known artists because the popularity of a song doesn’t change how it makes a listener feel. These songs were chosen to make you feel something while experiencing a unique genre of music.


Slow Hands – Interpol: New Yorkers Interpol came out with “Slow Hands” back in 2004. The unique aspect to this band is that each member contributes to the songwriting process rather than just a lead songwriter. The song itself is written about Interpol’s musical influences, Eric Clapton and Joy Division. The distinctive blend of instruments sets this post-punk band apart from other rockers, and the dance feel of this tune makes it almost hypnotic—a true pleasure to listen to.


2AM – Bear Hands: The sound of post-punk/indie band Bear Hands makes its music quite the experience. This cool jam is perfect for night drives because it’s an easy song to listen and rock out to. This song comes from Bear Hands’ third album, and it shows the band’s musical development nicely.


My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark – Fall Out Boy: What playlist would be complete without Fall Out Boy? Although a more recent song, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” has quickly become one of Fall Out Boy’s iconic tunes. Having charted number 13 on Billboard’s “Hot 100”, this pop-rock jam proves to be a popular one.


Daddy Issues – The Neighbourhood: Lead singer Jesse Rutherford wrote this song about his late father. The melody along with the lyrics are both so full of meaning because. “Daddy Issues” was the final single released from The Neighbourhood’s second full-length album. The mellow vibes of this song course through the listener’s veins and provides for a serene listening experience.


Wish I Knew You – The Revivalists: Released off their third full-length album, “Wish I Knew You,” exemplifies The Revivalists’ soul/alternative sound. This seven-piece band began when guitarist Zack Feinberg met frontman David Shaw while riding his bike; Feinberg took a different route than usual and came across Shaw singing a song called “Purple Heart”. The band started out with only a few members, but as they gained members, the instrumental aspect of the songs improved.


Brothers and Sisters – Band of Skulls: Right off the bat the beat takes control of the song. This group has created a masterpiece out of heavy indie rock. The band’s gritty style has become that of a garage rock band yet somehow manages to keep the indie vibe going. Band of Skulls deserves recognition for its unique blend, and “Brothers and Sisters” perfectly typifies its talents.


Life Itself – Glass Animals: English indie rock group Glass Animals released their sophomore album “How to Be a Human Being” in late August. “Life Itself” was only the first single dropped, yet it was instantly a hit. The vibes felt throughout the song express why it’s on this playlist. Glass Animals always find a way to create art through seemingly strange noises– this song is no exception.


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