Falling for Fall Fashion: The classic looks this season

Hannah Stanley, Sports Editor

Carving pumpkins and raking leaves aren’t the only aspects teenagers still look forward to in the fall season. The drastic change from summer clothing to fall fashion statements brings compliments as well as the return of classic trends that many love.

“I love fall because of all the cozy vibes,” Junior Daniela Stepaniouk said. “There’s nothing I love more than wearing oversized hoodies or cute flannels.”


Warm and Fuzzy: Brendan Grubb, senior, snuggles up for the fall weather in his moccasin slippers. “I like my slippers because they’re super comfortable, and they just make me think of fall,” Grubb said. This fashion choice allows Grubb to transition from the summer slides and gym shoes to a more fall-like look that offers the comfortability of home as he finishes his final year of high school.

Stripes and Fall Colors: Enjoying the warmer fall weather, Jennifer Lopez, sophomore, brings out her velvet brown, button-down skirt with a matching green and brown striped shirt. She chose to match the overall outfit with her white low-top converses to add a little more of a modernized and classic look..


Summer Sass to Fall Frenzy: Stirring up a classic summer look, Junior Jessica Nayden compliments her plaid black and white crop top with a cream cardigan. Eager for the pumpkin carving and festive treats, Nayden wears a big smile as the new season settles in.


Head over Boots for Fall: Senior Natalie Gray wears a pair of blue Sperry boots that she found while thrift shopping this season, a new trend that many are now following. Proud of her finding, Gray pairs the look with some white fuzzy socks and forest green leggings to finish off her look. “I always look for new, cute vintage stuff at thrift stores, but I came across these [boots worth more than] $100 that I had to get for this coming winter and fall,” Gray said, “And I love wearing them because they match my fall style.”