How to Live it Up During Senior Year


Seniors pose outside of school dressed in their Homecoming theme outfits.

Alex Loding, Sports Editor

Seniors, this is our year! We have made it past what some would say is our most difficult year of high school– the struggles of sophomore year and the fears of freshman year. All the work and time we have put into these past three years has all led up to this moment.

This special year in high school is set-up to be the best one yet, but to make this year the best year of high school, it is up to you. You have to put yourself out there!

Start by going to ALL of the school’s events. Go out on Friday nights and enjoy the Friday night lights. Go all out by bleeding school spirit. Dress up for the Red Rage or school-designated theme nights. Also, go to all of the dances– especially prom because it is the biggest dance of them all.
Even though we’ve been here for three years and probably have a close-knit group of friends, it’s still okay to meet new people and make new friends this year. Go ahead and expand your group of friends. Join new clubs. Enjoy assemblies. Talk with the underclassmen; show them around and make them look up to you.
Ultimately, do anything that will make this last year of high school the best one yet. Make this year memorable!
Here are 5 steps to help make this final year unforgettable:

  1. Live in the moment: Don’t stress about your future. Don’t stress about the college pressure and the applications. Instead, work hard for it, but let the path unfold and try to live in the present. Don’t rush the last year of high school just to get to college. College will be there. Enjoy your time right now while it lasts. Have a blast, and don’t spend time worrying about your future. Instead worry about the time that you have right now.
  2. Make new friends and spend time with old friends: Revisit your old friends, catch up and hang out. Spend time with the people who made your high school experience the best time of your life. Even if you have lost touch over the years, there’s no time like the present to reestablish those friendships. Also, making new friends will help make this year the best. If there are people you wish you knew better, then befriend them now.
  3. Be active and outgoing in school: Take all of the opportunities that you can. Join new clubs, show school spirit, push yourself, go out and leave a positive mark on the school. Be a part of Red Rage, and attend all of the football, hockey, basketball and volleyball games that are humanly possible.
  4. Make your last dances the best ones: Take tons of photos, go with a special someone, have a fancy dinner– just make these last dances ones to remember, especially the grand finale one– prom.
  5. Take tons of pictures so that you can relive your last year: Take your “last first day” photos, take selfies with friends, post your senior pictures, post tons of prom pictures, just post enough photos that you will remember this best year in high school. Senior year goes by in a flash, but it will be a memorable year, so find a way to recall all of it. Hey, possibly buy a yearbook for that final year of high school.


This time next year we will be moving into our new dorms, leaving our parents and living on our own, so besides just livin’ it up in your final year of high school, think about your parents and siblings. This is the last year you are at home full-time. With the thought of your family in mind, actually think about your parents. Go to dinner with all of your family. Go out to breakfast together. Spend time with your mom. Help your mom out around the house. Go see a new movie with your dad. Hang out with your siblings. What I’m trying to say is be a part of your family for this last year because it may very well be your last year at home.

And while you still have your family as a cushion, use the time to learn some necessary life skills if you haven’t done so already.  Next year there will be no one but ourselves to do the laundry, to make sure we get to our classes on time, to provide food and to take care of us. Said earlier, by this time next year we all will be moving into college and leaving home, and in one year, we will be entering the life as an adult, which means we need to make sure we can make it on our own.

Senior year will be a rush and will go by quickly, so make it the best year possible. This is the last year to leave our mark on the school, so let’s go out and make it a good one. Good luck and have a blast!

Seniors! Seniors! Class of 2017!