Wahlberg fans will want to watch ‘Instant Family’ this instant


Madison Parola, Co-Editor-in-Chief

“Instant Family”– a comical, emotional and heart-warming movie– debuted this fall but is one that viewers should be on the lookout to rent or stream in the future.
This family-friendly, PG-13 movie will make viewers cry and laugh while encouraging them to appreciate their loved ones.
“I went [to see the movie] because it was based on a true story, and the movie looked very cute; I love heart-warming movies,” Senior Clarissa Wienckowski said.
The plot follows a married couple who has no intentions of having kids any time soon, but after the wife’s family jokes about her never having children, she has a change of heart. At home, she browses an adoption website, which leads to the couple deciding to foster. Their story of fostering three kids leads to scenes of messes, tears, laughter and ultimately love.
“[This movie] showed the struggles and the positives of adopting a family,” Senior Marc Rey said. “It shows that all it takes is some trust and time.”
This movie is relatable to many because of the crazy family dynamics it portrays. It shows the relationships between siblings, between parents and teenagers and between parents and younger children.
For example, viewers get to see familiar family situations of parents figuring out how to feed their younger kids healthy foods, how to get them to go to sleep, how to deal with an emotional teenager and how to drive everyone everywhere.
“[I think the purpose of this movie was to] show people that adoption is a great thing although it might be hard and really challenging,” Wienckowski said. “It is something that people who are trying to start a family can see and know that adoption is always an option.”
Junior Eva Tejeda said she went to see this movie for that message and to see one of the actors.
“Personally, I wanted to see what the movie was all about,” Tejeda said. “Mark Wahlberg is my favorite actor of all time, and since I was a child, I’ve wanted to adopt. It seemed like a feel-good, funny movie.”
Like this film, every movie has a messaage. “Instant Family,” showing how three kids and two parents become a family, has a lot of positive messages about adoption.
“I totally enjoyed the movie. It was one of the most touching movies I’ve seen in some time,” Tejeda said. “It even made my dad, who usually sleeps through all the movies [we watch], laugh and cry.”
This movie will be one you want to rewatch. After watching the film with my mom, I was quick to encourage friends and family to see it, too. I look forward to seeing the movie again for its humorous and emotional moments.